Mystery Birthday Party

A Mystery Birthday Party, Detective Party, or Spy Party will appeal to boys or girls from 6 to 10 years of age. And it's a lot of fun to prepare You can even dress as a spy with trenchcoat, hat, and dark sunglasses!

Explain that the Birthday Bandit has taken the loot bags and you need their help to find them.

The Invitation
If you have a computer program that will allow you to "flop" the text so children need a mirror to read it, you'll add to the mystery. Don't forget to provide the birthday child's name, date, time, address, and a phone number for the R.S.V.P. You could also add a Secret Password.

TopSecretStampYou can put the finished invitation into a brown envelope. You can print "Top Secret" on the envelope or print a label to apply to the envelope. When delivering the invitations, it's exciting to place the invitation at their door, ring the doorbell, and then run back to the car.
Download a Mystery Invitation.
Download an Envelope Label.
Download Top Secret stamp.

BirthdayBanditThe Party
You may want to hang a Secret Agent Headquarters sign on the door of your house and when guests arrive, ask them for the Secret Password (printed in the invitation).

Lead the guests to the Briefing Room (livingroom) and explain their assignment with a quiet, serious voice. If you have a WII machine, you can show a photo of the Birthday Bandit on your TV or on computer. "But if you see him, don't try to apprehend him, instead blow your whistle and wait for back-up."

Part of the fun of having a themed birthday party is the decorations. Outside, you can use sidewalk chalk to outline a body on the driveway. Add some yellow caution tape and you have a crime scene! You can get yellow Caution tape from a dollar or hardware store to tape off the crime scene.

handprintHow about some bloody red handprints, thumbprints, or footprints near the crime scene? You can even add some to the wall inside your house. Consider putting up some Wanted posters inside to add to the Mystery Birthday Party décor.
Santa Wanted Poster
Birthday Bandit Wanted Poster

Secret Agent Tests
In order to become Special Birthday Secret Agents, they will have to pass a few tests or play a few games including Guess How Many. Place some candies in a small jar and they have to guess how many are in the jar. The guest closest to the correct number gets to keep the jar and candies.

Sneaky Moves is like Musical Chairs or Musical Hoops. Play a mysterious song such as the Pink Panther theme song or the theme to Mission Impossible. (You can download them from iTunes.) When the song is playing, the guests sneak around the chairs or hoops. When the music stops, they have to quickly sit down or stand in a hoop.

You can also play a guessing game called What Am I, by taping a picture of an animal to a child's back. You can cut pictures from a magazine or print our Animal Pictues. Everyone can see what animal he is, except himself. The children take turns on center stage, asking guests questions about what animal they are (“Do I have fur? Am I bigger than a human? Do I live in the jungle? Am I a mammal?”) until they correctly guess their animal.

To play Noticing Every Detail place 10 to 20 spy tools on a tray (sunglasses, compass, money, keys, etc) and show everyone. Then, take one away giving each child a turn to guess what was gone. You can also use the favors from a spy kit and explain what it can be used for.

SpyKitIf you have enough space, you can split the guests into two teams for the Obstacle Course. Lay some 2"x4" studs on the floor to test their balance, add a hoola hoop, hop with a big ball between their legs, jump rope, chairs to crawl under or over, etc.

Secret Agent Spy Kit
If children pass the tests or play the games, they are rewarded with a Secret Agent Spy Kit. The Spy Kit can be part of their loot bag which they can keep. You can use a big pencil case and many of these items can be purchased at a dollar store or on-line: www.Oriental do not need all of these items: a flashlight, magnifying glass, fingerprint kit, whistle, compass, dark sunglasses, small pad of paper, pen, bubble gum, fake moustache or disguise, and mirror. The Secret Agent Fingerprint Kit is a plastic sandwich bag filled with Fingerprint Charts, stamp pad, wipes, and tissues.

Treasure Hunt
The Treasure Hunt to find the missing loot bags will be the highlight of the Mystery Birthday Party.
Clue #1 can be numbers instead of letters so children have to decipher the clue. Here are some sample Mystery Clues that you can download. The final clue reveals their loot bags or maybe the candy portion.

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